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Calgary entrepreneurs choose us to produce their online events, webinars, digital courses and more. Get in touch with us today by filling out our discovery call application.


Measurable Genius Studios in Calgary, Alberta

We are the premier destination for entrepreneurs, coaches, CEOs, and business owners of all shapes and sizes who are looking for one very important thing: production value.

In today’s crowded digital era, you need production value to stand out in the market.

We understand that running a business is a difficult and time-consuming endeavor. And that’s why we want to make producing high-quality video as easy for you as possible.

Have an idea of something you want to produce (like online course videos, virtual workshops, live or recorded webinars)?

Great! Let’s chat about making it a reality.

Aren’t sure what you want to create, but know you want to level up your brand’s prestige by producing some high-quality video content?

No problem at all!

During our free, no-obligation discovery call, our team will help you get clear on what we can create together.

And, since we’re a seven-figure marketing agency, you can be sure the ideas we create together will move the needle for your business.

This isn’t just a studio rental. It’s a white-glove production service that will take you by the hand and make you feel like a star, for a very reasonable cost.

The only thing you should be worried about during your filming is showing up.
We handle the rest.


Our video equipment that makes your vision a reality

110″ LED Video Wall

Display a wide range of video and still images to give a dynamic background you can fully customize to make your own.

Three-set Setup

Sit, stand, or teach anywhere you want, with the ability to instantly get up and switch sets thanks to our TriCaster Mini production computer.

Five Cameras

Our high-end cameras give a wide range of camera angles to keep the look of your studio project fresh.

Customizable Confidence Displays

Each set also features confidence displays that are fully customizable so you know what’s going on in your webinar or virtual event, or can serve as a teleprompter for recorded content.

Professional Audio and Lighting

Professional audio and lighting configuration ensures you look and sound brilliant.

If all that sounds a bit intimidating, don’t worry! The team here at Measurable Genius Studios will guide you every step of the way

8 Ways to Utilize Measurable Genius Studios

These are the type of video productions we specialize in:


video sales letterS

online events

Virtual Workshops

digital courses

Corporate Training

YouTube Ads


What Our Clients Have Said

About working with the video production team at Measurable Genius

Jane M. Powers

Global Speaker
Best Selling Author and, Sales Expert


“The setup is like you are a movie star. I took myself up about ten notches based on just the platform they provide. They take care of everything… all I have to do is speak.”

Jay Fiset

Best Selling Author
Founder & Creator of JVology


“Out of everybody I have ever talked to, the people that I have used, the people I have tested, the people that haven’t made the cut…Measurable Genius stands head and shoulders above.”


Christine Johansen

Founder of Fierce Funnels
The Internet Marketing Queen – Coach & Consultant

“It’s been an incredible day, it’s been totally in the flow… I would highly, highly recommend that you do this for your business.”



At Measurable Genius, if you can imagine it, we can do it for you

It all starts with a phone call, where our team will get to know you and your business. This is where we’ll get clear on exactly what kind of production is best suited to you and how we can work together to create it.

We’ll also chat about what pre-production creative is required, how many of our team members will need to be in the studio to produce your session, and whether we’re including any extras like B-Roll videographers or social media packages.

When we’re clear what we’re producing for you, we get to work making it a reality. We will create any necessary graphics that might be required for your session and review it with you and/or your team to make sure it fits your standards.

After that, all that’s required is for you to come in and shine! We handle the technical and logistics of filming in our studio for as long as your session requires.

Social Media Content Creation

The magic doesn’t end when your time in the studio does, either!

If you’re building a brand on social media, you’ll want to take advantage of our in-house content production packages. We take the footage you’ve filmed in the studio and create a multitude of short videos to share across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, or anywhere else you’d care to have people hear your message. It’s an easy and cost-effective way to get even MORE out of your time in our studio!

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