Let us Introduce the Measurable Genius team

Alexander Ford

Alexander Ford




Alexander Ford is an entrepreneur, speaker, and human behavioral specialist. Since the age of twelve he has been exploring the nature of human and business development; specifically, the universal principles which govern the emergence of genius, leadership, and potential.

Widely recognized among his peers as an expert in business transformation, Alexander is sought after to assist in finding solutions to complex technological, financial, business, and cultural challenges. Alexander’s polymathic perspective activates individuals and organizations alike to unlock their greatest genius, leadership, and profit potential by bringing light the highest priority action steps and long term strategic plans required.

Alexander identifies primarily as a teacher and invests in providing the highest quality education possible. As a practitioner, he applies proven methodologies, technologies, and business philosophy to assist companies in growing their businesses and increasing their capacity to innovate, adapt, transform, and evolve.

Measurable Genius is located in Calgary, Alberta, has achieved 30% year-over-year growth, and is now recognized as one of Calgary’s leading business transformation and IT service organizations.

Everett Bellingham

Everett Bellingham

Chief Operating Officer


One of the best ways to succeed in the world of business is to hire exceptional people and provide them with equally exceptional tools. I build those tools for the exceptional people at Measurable Genius using process, technology, documentation, and automation. Our culture is inspired by a revolutionary vision for how the small business sector can be supported and empowered and it is my responsibility to define how Measurable Genius delivers this vision and enables small business owners to play big.

Day to day, I work with the other C-level officers to identify the challenges present in their respective departments, then delve into the intricacies of the challenge and build systems or tools to overcome it.

While my focus is primarily directed towards the internal workings of Measurable Genius, I also get the great satisfaction of knowing that my success has a direct beneficial impact on our clients. By incubating and innovating new systems which solve complex business challenges, and proving the results internally, we consistently add new value to our clients by translating those strategies to their unique businesses and industries. This means every time Measurable Genius becomes more efficient, effective, and ultimately more profitable, so do our clients.

Jennifer Ko

Jennifer Ko




I enjoy working as an Office Administrator at Measurable Genius because of the opportunity to focus on helping people by organizing little things that matter most. Responsibilities for basic data entry, product orders, customer inquiries and content creation for social media are all but a few of the things that allow me to engage in building unique and meaningful long-term relationships. Being one of the first to respond to incoming questions or crisis, my accountability as client advocate allows me to put the personal touch back into the IT and Business Transformation industries.
Jamie MacDonald

Jamie MacDonald


I enjoy my role as Accounting Administrator at Measurable Genius because I am often able to problem solve. That provides me the opportunity to learning new things, work within a team and grow as an individual. My daily responsibilities include anything from data entry and management, maintaining accurate reporting and creating documentation to event logistics and social media content creation. Through this position, I’m able to provide support to my team members so that they can have the ability to work on tasks congruent to their skill-sets and values and contribute to an innovative and transformative business.
John Smedley

John Smedley

Support Technician



As a Support Technician at Measurable Genius I work with a lot of complexities and innovative technologies as well as older robust systems and applications. The opportunity to provide support to MGI’s clients can be very challenging as each of our client sites technology requirements are equally unique to their business. Problem solving and troubleshooting as well as developing solutions are very rewarding when clients are happy with the services they receive. The never-ending tasks of learning new methods, process and techniques to keeping computer systems, phones, infrastructure, cloud and on-premise server technologies running smoothly keep me on my toes. It’s a new adventure everyday in the managed services and IT support realm here at Measurable.