Alexander Ford

Chief Executive Officer

Alexander has been an entrepreneur since the age of 12. When he founded Measurable Genius in 2013, he sought to create a company that embodied incremental progress, started with why, and always looked to the future. Today, Alexander continues to facilitate that same growth as he helps his clients scale their businesses.

Everett Bellingham

Chief Operations Officer

Everett first partnered with Alexander Ford at one of his previous ventures, InfinIT Inc. Later, Everett rejoined Alexander’s team, this time at Measurable Genius, in 2014. Since then, Everett’s been cultivating a team of bona fide geniuses, and watching his work make all the difference in the world to our business and clients.

Adam Sabelli

Sales & Marketing Manager

Measurable Genius’s resident polymath, Adam’s skills span from music, physics, and forensic neuropsychiatry, to international business, cross cultural relations, and business development. With 20 years of experience his aptitude for addressing market concerns, solving problems, and building client relations remains unparalleled.

Stephan Gardner

Video Manager

As the master behind Measurable Genius’ video content, his contributions are part of what puts us at the top of our category. Outside of Measurable Genius, Stephan is the owner and head coach of Beyond Personal Development, where he helps his clients embody gratitude, awareness, and profitable psychology.

Warren Barsley

Human Resources Manager

A true Renaissance man, Warren started out as the very first videographer at Measurable Genius, when we were building our video department. Since then, he’s served as a copywriter, a project manager, and most recently, our human resources manager.

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