Leaders Provoke Action

Alexander Ford

Published: 26 May 2014

As a leader, you have one responsibility: provoke your followers to act.

Certainty is a commodity in short supply. It depends upon vision, and most people are living week-to-week and day-to-day.

You’ve already taken on the challenge: you have both the blessing and the burden of a vision that extends beyond yourself, beyond your family, and for a few of you, beyond this lifetime.

It is only those with a vision greater than themselves that can cause an effect beyond themselves.

Leaders provoke action.

But wait, there’s a twist!

You can only help those who have “raised their hand.” Someone who isn’t asking the question is not prepared for the answer. They’ll never buy.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Figure out what it looks like when a prospect is raising their hand
  2. Give them something to do next (a call to action)

Here’s your homework:

  1. LinkedInBuy LinkedIn Premium and send a message to every single person who views your profile. They found you – ask them how they found you, why they looked at your profile, and if ask if you can help. Serve.
  2. Opt-in Thank You Pages – I’m certain that you have at least one opt-in form that takes your prospect to a “thank you” page. They don’t want to be thanked. Give them something to do: sell them a product, get them to watch a video you like, or in some way share something that reflects what you believe.
  3. Blog – ask for your users to comment, tweet, or share your post with others. You should have a call to action on every post.

How do your customers “raise their hands”? Post a comment below and let us know what tactics you have in place to help your followers engage.

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