Author: Alexander Ford

Your Digital Persona

If you don’t have a digital persona, it will be created for you. If you don’t have a digital persona it will be approximated for you. Not playing the game disconnects you from society and social integration. Social media is just a mobile application interface, it’s just an extension of our biology through technology. Social media improves the latency of our connections and interactions. Social media is essentially a publishing and media consumption platform made up of multiple outlets like Face Book, Instagram, Snapchat etc. Proper use of social media must be your own creation. The best questions to...

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The Value of Incremental Change

The art of building a business is actually a discipline. Everything in life emerges out of habit, emerges out of practice, persistence, and repeated actions taken consistently over time. Everything we have seen in the Universe is built upon systems and cycles that are maintained through discipline. You can’t possibly build a business without them. The art of incremental change means dropping our expectations by eliminating the idea that some how we are finally going to get “there” with that system or process. Every system requires maintenance and continuous innovation and we finally give ourselves permission to actively work...

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Rule Your Technology

What ever you don’t rule it will rule you. A business owner who abdicates his relationship to his technology is ultimately going to end in a position where he has no idea how his business works. Most business owners take risks because they don’t know what they don’t know until something “happens” or breaks. If your IT service provider quits, your server goes down and you now realize that you don’t have the passwords or accountability to your own assets, you have just experienced the abdication of your technology. You should have the keys to your castle. There should...

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How do I Grow my Business

This is our philosophy: Clarity of vision and mission in terms of why you started that business in the first place. If you can’t articulate succinctly your mission, then it’s likely you don’t know where you are going with your business. Ability to engage in fair exchange with the participants associated with that business. Think employee, vendors and customers. Are you charging enough for your product or service? Are you getting enough productivity output from your staff? It takes discipline each day to master the idea of incremental change. Moving your investments of time, money and efforts towards the...

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The Discovery

In the IT world, there is a common concept known as the Network Audit which typically does a great job of assisting business owners with inventorying their technical assets. Often this includes a list of the hard assets like computers, servers, and networking equipment and the state they are in along with a list of some of the soft assets like software, user lists, and data. However, Measurable Genius believes that audits should be more holistic and cover a much larger array of business assets. This includes understanding the people and processes and online properties like websites and social...

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