Your Digital Persona

Alexander Ford

Published: 28 August 2017

If you don’t have a digital persona, it will be created for you.

If you don’t have a digital persona it will be approximated for you. Not playing the game disconnects you from society and social integration. Social media is just a mobile application interface, it’s just an extension of our biology through technology. Social media improves the latency of our connections and interactions. Social media is essentially a publishing and media consumption platform made up of multiple outlets like Face Book, Instagram, Snapchat etc.

Proper use of social media must be your own creation.

The best questions to ask yourself as a business owner is; “What do you want to achieve on social media?” and “What’s your digital persona look like to your audience?” You shouldn’t just publish a bunch of crap. Rule number one; don’t “DJ” the content. In other words, don’t take other people’s intellectual property that seems similar to what you think your customers are interested in, add your two lines of comments and then republish it onto your social streams. That is no longer “adding value” for your customers, and companies like Face Book will de-prioritize your web placement, and most importantly your customers simply won’t engage.

If you want engagement, then you need original content that reflects the most impactful and authentic vision and mission of the company. You use social media to express your company’s persona into the digital realm in the form of content that your audience sees value in.

Social media has nothing to with conversions, leads, or features‑it’s only purpose is for you to deliver value, and if you deliver value your customer engages.

Biggest mistake made by business owners.

The most basic flaw in businesses is that they are losing attention of the customers they have already. They have some traffic, but are likely missing opportunities to reengage with those potential costumers.

The second biggest flaw is not knowing that potential customers require persistence. It’s your responsibility to reengage with people, and we must remind them why they may want to stay engaged.

When your audience sees value, and believes you can solve their problem, then they feel empowered to engage. Once they express interest and you don’t engage back, then you have f*#ed up your social media.

If you are not going to reengage and retarget those visitors, or offer them a similar product to maximize their involvement. If you don’t invite them to an event you have created, then you are missing out on doubling your traffic to your site and you have not refreshed your brand in the eye of the buyer.

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