The Value of Incremental Change

Alexander Ford

Published: 28 August 2017

The art of building a business is actually a discipline. Everything in life emerges out of habit, emerges out of practice, persistence, and repeated actions taken consistently over time. Everything we have seen in the Universe is built upon systems and cycles that are maintained through discipline. You can’t possibly build a business without them.

The art of incremental change means dropping our expectations by eliminating the idea that some how we are finally going to get “there” with that system or process. Every system requires maintenance and continuous innovation and we finally give ourselves permission to actively work on the business that evolves step by step through the refinement process. Then a business is now working towards a long-term vision, a process that takes time, investment and discipline to move it forward day by day incrementally.

We need to shift the context away from being done, dive into the details and be willing to explore the micro components that need our refinement, patience and daily discipline to manifest the change or growth we desire.

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