How do I Grow my Business

Alexander Ford

Published: 28 August 2017

This is our philosophy:

  • Clarity of vision and mission in terms of why you started that business in the first place. If you can’t articulate succinctly your mission, then it’s likely you don’t know where you are going with your business.
  • Ability to engage in fair exchange with the participants associated with that business. Think employee, vendors and customers. Are you charging enough for your product or service? Are you getting enough productivity output from your staff?
  • It takes discipline each day to master the idea of incremental change.
  • Moving your investments of time, money and efforts towards the highest priorities of the business.
  • Your business can grow if you just get out of the way. Use an activator, coach or mentor to keep you accountable and on track for predictable growth.
  • The greatest business growth occurs at the border of support and challenge.
  • Your business will grow as a reflection of how it serves the customer and the refinement of your efficiencies and processes.
  • The business owner is responsible for continually expanding the vision of the business.
  • Make sure you maximize, and not squander the potential of any given person, service or idea.

The visionary and those individuals aligned with the business mission are most willing to endure criticism and take on the greatest challenges, where those “obstacles” are seen as the most important activities to tackle and transform.

When a business owner takes the time to clearly communicate their inspiring vision to the market and to their employees, there is a direction and force that moves the company forward. Also, employees can get behind their leader, and in conjunction with their own values, contribute in creating a culture that has meaning and purpose. Those individuals who are now inspired by the business owner, will also have the greatest capacity for leadership, the greatest adaptability to change, the ability to endure stress, and will produce the most value for the business.

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