Rule Your Technology

Alexander Ford

Published: 28 August 2017

What ever you don’t rule it will rule you.

A business owner who abdicates his relationship to his technology is ultimately going to end in a position where he has no idea how his business works. Most business owners take risks because they don’t know what they don’t know until something “happens” or breaks.

If your IT service provider quits, your server goes down and you now realize that you don’t have the passwords or accountability to your own assets, you have just experienced the abdication of your technology. You should have the keys to your castle.

There should be some inventory of any vendor accounts, root level for any device, account credentials and passwords that need to be in the name of the business owner, not the IT provider.

These are just all symptoms of the business owner not believing that that technical minutia is their responsibility and they are accountable to that. You can’t put something in motion and not be accountable, that would be a total dissolution. Everything a business person puts into motion whether that’s a piece of technology, a service provider, a relationship with a vendor, a new employee, a new customer agreement, all comes with accountability.

Ask yourself this question, if everyone leaves your company would you be able to keep your business operational? Could you put the wheels in motion and get your business up and running? Do you rule your technology?

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