Over-specialization is Dying

Alexander Ford

Published: 28 August 2017

One of the biggest challenges facing business owners of today is that there is a requirement for you to engage in the marketplace using various platforms that are changing rapidly. We are moving from the TV to the smart phone as the preferred tool for media and content consumption.

The proliferation in technology to enable businesses to solve ever more specialized problems has resulted in business owners having to deal with an on-slaughter of hyper specialized tools and services. The result is, those specialists have not learned how to adapt to a business problem as it relates to the whole system. They only see it as a singular issue, applying the same generalized solution to each of their clients.

Specialists in today’s small to medium businesses landscapes are a part of a bigger problem for the business owner. They do not know how to prioritize and sequence their investment for the right types of specialization at the right times. Most business owners had to gamble on the advice of others to figure out what they should do next.

A generalist consultant (also called a Polymath) is a better “bet” to move businesses forward. They have had some degree of experience in all the specializations to grow any business organically and more holistically. A Polymath has a broad spectrum of life experience not life knowledge. The experience of making different ideas, concepts and viewpoints from many different people or spectrums that cohesively work together.

You don’t need another specialist you need a Polymathic service business like Measurable Genius.

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