The Mission Matters More Than You

Alexander Ford

Published: 28 August 2017

Measurable Genius’ mission is to build congruent systems to enable individuals to do what they love, and to unlock genius and leadership potential.

Any mission is driven by the notion that life can be better or different. We can go out and make an impact or change something in a way that transforms the world. The mission of the business is the vision of the business owner, and he or she acts as the leader because of having a cause that goes beyond the individual. They want to form a business, used as a tool to magnify their ability to contribute to transforming the world.

Entrepreneurs are the modern-day philosophers, as they are the ones who have looked out in the world and saw a possibility for change. Measurable Genius wants to asset those who have already set their journey in motion and now need help tackling those problems and issues that arise out of creating a business.

If we can help a business owner create an inspired mission to go out and change the world in a meaningful way, then we have contributed to all kinds of people living a more productive and meaningful lives. Measurable Genius is meant to stand behind them and enable that the most effectively.

The mission is the activation of human potential and the exploration of what’s possible. The entrepreneurial landscape is where that exploration occurs. And every exploration requires tools and frameworks and proven practices. You don’t go hunting without survival skills.

Business owners don’t’ know the challenges they are taking on and most entrepreneurs are half way up Mount Everest without oxygen. Measurable Genius wants to be that support that brings up the oxygen and explains how to use it and why next time they start their journey they bring it with them at the beginning.

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